Growing Trends in the Philanthropy World

Jerry Novack

Philanthropic efforts tend to follow a fairly similar pattern around the world: choose a charitable organization that one is passionate about and donate not only financial resources, but time as well. More and more people today strive to give back, and with the ever changing world around us, the ways in which we can give back are expanding.


The world is at our fingertips thanks to the internet and the rapid technological growth that has occurred this past decade. Gone are the days of having to send out invitations via mail or calling donors over the phone to adequately prepare for the cause. Now, nonprofit organizations are utilizing social media more than ever to raise awareness for their various causes, which is a strategy that has connected generations. Both older and younger individuals respond well to social media campaigns given their popularity and simplicity.

In terms of donating, technology has allowed for more online donations, making it much easier than ever before to give your money to a good cause. Donors don’t even have to leave the comfort of their own homes anymore with access to these organizations via desktop computers and smartphones.

Business Partnerships

Today’s style of philanthropy allows businesses to partner with charities much more easily, which is actually now considered a necessity for the success of that business. Customers and consumers worldwide often take into consideration how a business operates and how much one supports charitable organizations before working with them. Consumers also want to know if they are helping these charities by doing more than just supporting them financially.

From a company’s standpoint, partnering with a charity is a great way to unite their employees and work with an organization most of them feel strongly about. This passion and eagerness to help are, in turn, noticed by customers who will then want to support said company even more so.

Donating Time

Speaking of donating more than just a big check, successful philanthropic efforts require time and effort rather than just financial support. For example, businesses can look to their employees to assist in planting more trees around the community, feeding the homeless, or building homes for local housing initiatives.

This is also a great strategy for companies that may not be able to donate as much money as larger corporations can. Contributing by giving your personal time, products, or business services for the cause is just as noble as donating a large check.