Give as Much as You Get

When you think of Bill Gates, what comes to mind? Microsoft? Billionaire? Genius? Philanthropist? Real estate investor?

Wait, real estate investor?!  It’s little known that only a quarter of Gates’ net worth actually comes from Microsoft. The rest is made up of wise investments made over the years, a majority of which lie in the real estate industry.

And while the world’s richest man’s value currently lies at $79.2 billion, he remains one of the most notable philanthropists of our time. Indeed, in 2008, Gates left his position at Microsoft to focus primarily on philanthropy. Throughout his philanthropic career, Gates has donated over $28 billion to making a positive impact on this planet and its people. He’s even gone so far to say:

“Giving back is better than getting.”

In fact, he attributes his success to it. In a 2014 TEDtalk, Gates and his wife, Melinda share the moment they decided to give most of their wealth away, the work they do at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where they both serve as co-chair, as well as their failures and successes with a few personal anecdotes.

Gates has proven that, for real estate investors, keeping a diverse portfolio will bring you profit, which in protecting your wealth, you should give as much as you can, for purposes that matter and will have a positive impact.