Charity Means More than Money

Whands-699486_960_720hen one thinks of the traditional concept of philanthropy, one naturally thinks of the act of giving money to a charitable organization. By donating to social causes that are meant to better the lives of others, we are contributing to the general welfare of society.

While some look to solve water scarcity and world hunger, others hope their funds find cures for deadly diseases. However, philanthropy and charity mean so much more than just contributing funds. Today, Millennials are adding a new connotative meaning to charity and philanthropy.

Through new and innovative ways Millennials are contributing something just as important as money. Time for example, is scarce to a lot of people. Lending time and efforts to an organization are invaluable ways of contributing to a movement’s success. EliteDaily’s recent article sums up some of the new and innovative ways millennials are contributing to the philanthropic world. Here are a few:

Think of how many sayings and cliches exist on the importance of time. In the context of value, time is very valuable. Time is truly of the essence, and contributing one’s time to a certain charity is an important way of committing yourself to that cause. Whether it’s volunteering for an event, or volunteering to hand out pamphlets and leaflets, contributing your time to an organization consequently contributes to it’s growth and survival.

Knowledge in a way can go hand in hand with time. You must dedicate time to the pursuit of knowledge, and then more time to the distribution of it. Sitting down and creating a pamphlet of facts requires extensive knowledge of the cause. Being able to properly articulate and explain what your organization is fighting for is imperative. Sometimes even, debating with others who may disagree with your movement’s beliefs will be necessary. Of course, taking the time to contribute your knowledge to others has the potential to win followers, and grow your organization.

Without passion for the cause you’re advocating for, it’s difficult to contribute the time necessary to spread knowledge and awareness. Millennials in general are known to be a very passionate bunch, especially in terms of social awareness. Now more than ever, younger generations have been involved in the political, social, and economic aspects of society, openly advocating for one movement or another. Passion drives people, and has the ability to move mountains. This is especially true if a particular cause has enough followers.

Of course, giving money is the physical act of showing support for a charity or movement. All of the above aspects of giving inevitably stir individuals to contribute to the well being of a cause. With money, we see a return on our investment, and are able to see whether our efforts are actually making a difference or not. It is the greatest measuring tool of a movement’s success.

If you have a cause you are interested in, go contribute to it in whatever way you can. The personal satisfaction you will get from it will reward you immediately.