Author: Jerry Novack

Philanthropy’s Role in Economic Development

Philanthropy and a thriving economy may seem like vastly different categories, but the two actually work in tandem with one another, as economic growth often leads to an increase in charitable giving, and it is believed that philanthropy can broaden wealth generation at a local level. It is a frequently shared mindset among donors that economic development is a central… Read more →

The Most Philanthropic Entrepreneurs

Whether starting their business out of their garage or in their Stanford University dorm room, most entrepreneurs have found success by traveling off the beaten path to profits. Working hard for years on end, sometimes failing along the way, it would seem that an entrepreneurs’ success is earned and well deserved. Many have found this success with little to no… Read more →

Jerry Novack

Growing Trends in the Philanthropy World

Philanthropic efforts tend to follow a fairly similar pattern around the world: choose a charitable organization that one is passionate about and donate not only financial resources, but time as well. More and more people today strive to give back, and with the ever changing world around us, the ways in which we can give back are expanding. Technology The… Read more →

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering by Jerry Novack

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering

You might think that time and resources should be solely dedicated to tasks within your organization. Did you ever consider the benefits of encouraging volunteer work through your business?   Reputation in the Community If your organization is known for its support of charity, it can build trust and loyalty among customers. 85% of consumers view a company or product… Read more →


Excellent Cities For Young Entrepreneurs in 2017

Young entrepreneurs and business leaders are eager to gain a clearer image of what cities will be the best for growing their startups and budding business. Fortunately, Forbes has chosen to answer the prayers of young entrepreneurs by compiling a neat list of ten places for young people to consider when relocating for purposes of growing a business. Missoula, Montana:… Read more →

STEM-Driven Philanthropy to Diversify Silicon Valley

Philanthropy is an action by which an individual is driven to promote the welfare of others; sometimes through actions of humanitarianism, generous donations of money or goods, volunteerism, fund-raising, or other incredible actions that help to offer the underserved or needy the resources they require. With that said, philanthropy can function in ways other than the expected. For example, philanthropy… Read more →

Charity Means More than Money

When one thinks of the traditional concept of philanthropy, one naturally thinks of the act of giving money to a charitable organization. By donating to social causes that are meant to better the lives of others, we are contributing to the general welfare of society. While some look to solve water scarcity and world hunger, others hope their funds find… Read more →

Strategic Philanthropy

When making philanthropic endeavors, some may not understand that in order to optimize effectiveness, they should incorporate strategy and thoughtfulness. Nurturing a generous spirit and making a difference for a person, community, or the environment is a more complex and sophisticated field than just tossing your change into a jar. While charitable donations are often personal and individualized, there are four general that lessons anyone hoping to dive into… Read more →